No Writing On Walls: The Shitter Book
(or A Construction Job Site Outhouse Eposé)      

    by C.J. Phuuphaus

Have you ever wandered or driven by a construction site, seen a line of outhouses and wondered what happens inside? Probably not. But now there’s documentation of what-the-heck is on the inside of these job site portable toilets for the world to see. As exposed by author C.J. Phuuphaus, No Writing On Walls: The Shitter Book brings you inside this realm of stinky, smelly shit and piss, as well as the graffiti, or “shittags,” that are left behind.

This is a book that will take you deeper into shit than you’d ever want to be. From cartoon fucking to racial hatred to silly faces to the shit in the tank. You’ll learn more and see more than you’ll ever want to know about the job site outhouse after reading this crappy read. 

And this is what the construction worker leaves in the shitter- his shit and his shit. The kind from the ass and the kind from the mind. Okay, lots of piss, too. Usually all over the place. But you get the picture. And you’ll get plenty more of these pictures once you grab a copy of this shitty book and check out its contents.

In this book author C.J. Phuuphaus has published nearly 400 of these shittags for the rest of the world to see, as well as comments and observations about it all. And if you’re one who could never fathom what may be going on inside the construction job site outhouse, this book may be an eye-opening experience.