Note from the Publisher

Electro Kestrel Enterprises is a sole proprietor business intent on getting its product to the customer without big business taking large chunks of profit from independent publishers. Amazon, and all major retail outlets, suggest a wholesale discount of 55% from independent publishers for the book to be found through their search engine and inventory. That takes about all of the profit that the author and publisher would have after printing, handling, processing, and shipping fees, not to mention the time to make the product.

For this reason, “No Writing On Walls” is being sold exclusively through this website only, and on no other retail site, so the people creating and expending time and effort to produce this piece of crap will at least be able to possibly earn a little bit of profit- instead of it going into the greedy hands of big business.

We, at Electro Kestrel Enterprises, very much appreciate your support and hope you enjoy this very shitty book.