From the Back Cover

If you’re one of the very few people who have ever wondered about, cared about, or even thought about what it’s actually like on the inside of a construction job site outhouse, look no further. Inside this book you’ll see what’s been written and drawn in these outhouses by the regular construction worker: the depth of character, insight, thoughts, words of wisdom, structured observations, highly literate prose and commentary. The subtle strokes of pen and marker, creating portrait and still life not seen elsewhere. Yes, this unique interaction between human and job site toilet has been documented on these pages for all to enjoy, observe, and understand what looms inside the mind of these workers and their creative means of expression left on the outhouse walls.

Author C.J. Phuuphaus has given us 20 years of documenting the job site porta-potty in all its illustrious glory to share with all. Included are the workers thoughts about love, peace, compassion, work, art, women, society, religion, poetry, anatomy, nature, and all that’s been scribed inside this place of bowel and urine relief. You’ll treasure these words and artwork in a way you’ve never known, absorbing the warm and fuzzy feelings these shittags will bring to your heart. So just relax, open these pages, enter a world you may have never experienced, and let the outhouse do the talking.